San Diego Low-Cost Bankruptcy Lawyer

Got a bankruptcy question?  Talk to an experienced San Diego bankruptcy lawyer now at 1 (619) 888-8272.

Attorney Richard Komisars provides quality bankruptcy representation to his clients throughout every step of the bankruptcy case.  Call to schedule your free initial consultation so that he can answer all of your legal questions and explain the process of bankruptcy specifically as it would pertain to you based on your financial situation.

Need to file your bankruptcy today to stop a foreclosure tomorrow? Same-day emergency bankruptcy case filings are available when needed.

Attorney Richard Komisars is admitted to practice law within the Southern, Central, Eastern, and Northern U.S. Bankruptcy Courts of California. So no matter where you live in California, he is able to file your bankruptcy case for you.

Since 2008, he has helped over 650 clients eliminate their debt by filing bankruptcy. Call today!

Low-Cost San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyer Richard Komisars Provides:

·  Free initial consultation

· Bankruptcy lawyer works on your entire case

·  Day, evening, or weekend consultations

·  Consultations by phone, video call, or in-person

·  Affordable payment plans available

·  Centrally located in San Diego with free parking

Richard Komisars III, Esq.
2840 Adams Avenue, Suite 309
San Diego, CA 92116

Tel. (619) 888-8272

* A debt relief agency. I help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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